Day 28/30: Somewhere You’d Like to Live

I think the answer to this is pretty obvious. I’d love to live in Japan again. It’s my home country and it’s the culture I understand. It’s the people I love and the language I think in. No matter how interested I am in visiting London and Europe in general, there will always be a little bit of me in Japan.

You know how they say you never forget your first love? The very first person who gave you butterflies and the first person who crawled through your head constantly. There’s always a part of you–even if you’ve married someone else, or you’re on your fifth boyfriend (or girlfriend)–that remembers that first crush. The way they made you feel, the things they taught you. It will always be a part of you. It shapes who you are, how you think. It is the lens through which you see all other loves.

I think the place you grow up is like that. Japan is my forever.


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