Day 26/30: Things You Like and Dislike About Yourself

Hmm…. I don’t like that I’m so unmotivated to complete this challenge. I don’t like that I more interested in Michael Scofield than I am in people I actually know.

I really don’t think about the things I don’t like about myself. You know? What’s the point? They’re not things I can change. I’m knock-kneed, I’m near-sighted, my hair is too dark to change colors easily. I get hot flashes trying to talk to strangers.

Does it sound weird that being fat actually doesn’t bother me that much? The thing I don’t like about myself is that I’m not athletic.

I like that I’m a fast reader. I like my dedication (to people who aren’t real). I like my ability to tell stories, although I can only do it in writing. I like my sense of humor. I like that I’m easy to talk to. I like that I can speak two languages fluently. I like my skin tone and the fact that I’m able to tan. I like that I’m clinical and objective, even though I’m only moderately scientific. I like my technical knowledge and interest.

I should probably think about this more. Assess my strengths and weaknesses, I guess. In that respect, I do think about things I don’t like about myself. I just don’t label them that way. Know your weaknesses, and you have found your strengths. Or something like that.


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