Day 23/30: Something That You Miss

I’m not really sure what’s been going on, but I’ve really been missing Japan this week. I miss being able to get on a train going anywhere. I miss plopping down $5 and getting something remotely palatable. I miss the vivid green and the ceramic tile roofs. I miss the sweets that are actually sweet because of what they are, not because they have three cups of sugar in them. I don’t think crawling through pictures of Japan on Pinterest has been helping anything either.

I really want to go back there. Even though I’m not Japanese, Japan is my homeland. I wish I could be a career author and live there. I wish I could be a career author and move to a different cool place every time I started a new project. I’m ADD enough. I didn’t used to be so restless. I guess I haven’t traveled much recently, so I’m kind of like, “I need to go someplace. Now.”

I’m working on a fanfictitious biography of my trip Japan over on Wattpad (that would be here). Disclaimer: I cast the lead role with Dan Howell, so there’s some PG-13 stuff in it (mostly language). Dan’s really into anime and Japanese stuff, so it’s been a lot of fun imagining how he would react to stuff there. And it’s therapy for me too, pretending I’m back there. Since it actually starts in August of this year, I fee like I ought to send him back to London before then. Gosh, that only gives me a month and a half to actually make a story arc out of it…


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