Day 22/30: Your Academics

I did pretty well at school. I didn’t get my MRS degree, but you know, that’s not why I went to college. I talked about education way back on Day 2 or something, but I really believe in self-improvement and personal drive. Stay thirsty, my friends (lol).

I was homeschooled. The only drawback of that, I think, is that I’m kind of antisocial. I never realized how much until the last few months, when I started actually trying to hang out with people. It really doesn’t matter how much I like you; man, I hit that six hour limit and I’m like, “Peace out.” It doesn’t help that I’m a “home by dark” kind of person. Why don’t more people want to do stuff in the daytime?

I do think I would have benefited from being forced to do more extracurricular stuff. I took piano lessons, but it was at my house. Everything has been in terms of “my house.” Now, I don’t want to do anything away from home. Can you blame me?

I think things would be different if I had my own place, if I was living off my own job and around my own hours. I found out about Patreon today, which is awesome. I’ve always thought it was kinda sad that we lost patronage with the Empires. (Or was there any during the Renaissance?) So maybe my own place isn’t too far off. Of course, when did I tell you guys I discovered Kindle Singles and I still haven’t submitted my short story?


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