Day 18/30: A Problem You Have Had

I wouldn’t say this is a problem I have had so much a problem that I am having. I think a lot of you have this problem too. It shows up slowly, in tiny ways, but BAM it takes over your life. What is this problem, you might ask? THE INTERNET.

I’m a year younger than public Internet. I remember dial-up and I remember floppy disks. I remember drawing squiggly lines on Paint and filling in the marks.

And then is was Neopets. MySpace. Facebook. Goodreads. Twitter. Pinterest.

Neopets was probably my first true obsession. I still have an account and I play games occasionally. So much has changed on that site though. I remember when it only had one ad in the sidebar. The good old days, man. What is it now? Five ads on every page? I don’t understand how anyone is on that site anymore.

I never really liked MySpace. Don’t really like Facebook, but my friends are mostly either international or in a different state, so I’m keeping my account for the time being. I loved the concept of Goodreads right away, and I’m just starting to make good use of it now. I love that I can shelve things in multiple places, because obviously you can’t do that with a real book unless you want to buy multiple copies. Twitter, eh, but I do love livetweeting.

PINTEREST. It all leads to Pinterest, man. I’m trying to curb my addiction, but I love that site. Between Pinterest and YouTube, I could stay inside all the time. And therein lies my real problem. I don’t want to leave my house. And the Internet makes it so easy to just stay inside forever and ever.

Guess where I am now.


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