Day 17/30: Something You Are Proud Of

I grew up in Japan, so it feels really weird to admit to success, but I was telling Alex that, and he started listing off stuff that I have to be proud of. Whatever else I can say about him, he sure has his moments.

I have graduated from college with a degree in history, although my minor in English will probably more important and more useful in my life. I have published a short story and I have finished the first draft of my novel. I can speak two languages fluently, although I can really only read one, and I speak a third one badly. (My life’s ambition is to be a polyglot.)

I traveled trans-Pacific by myself. I’m not afraid of flying and I spoke the languages on both ends of the flight, but that trip was a big step for me. A lot of stuff happened in Japan last summer. I still get a little sad when I think about it because I had so much fun and all the pieces will never be in places to have that trip again (nor would any of the pieces be the same anyway), but I’m so glad I went. A lot of things changed that month, and I’m a better person because of it.


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