Day 16/30: What If . . . ?

A “what if?” I often think about is starting a YouTube channel. What if I did? What would I upload? I want to be a booktuber. I think I would have a lot of fun doing book reviews, but I don’t know how much I would like to do it regularly.

The book tags look like a lot of fun too. I’ve actually been playing with a story format that would be like doing book tags. If it turns out to be something I like, I’ll upload it to Wattpad. It’s kind of like what I did with Black Dragon, where I took a story I created with a full universe (although K is For Keilana was a fanfiction) and wrote a short story with all the main points. In the booktuber story, three of the characters would be from a previous universe.

It’s the hauls I’m not sure about. I’m kind of on a book buying ban, since my Christmas haul totaled about $300 and I have read a whopping one book out of that stash. I’m trying to work on it a little bit more, but that’s just so many books. My unread books shelf on Goodreads has almost a hundred books listed, and there’s a growing stack of books I’ve accumulated since then that I haven’t had a chance to log into Goodreads yet.

I’m pretty impulsive about what I read. I don’t think TBR videos would work for me. I have hangover for a day or two, then pick up something that seems interesting. If hangover is unusually severe (like in the case of all the Clare books I’ve read so far), then I find some nonfiction to bridge between what I just finished and some other novel. (Although technically I read the first three TMI books in one go.)

(Speaking of Clare, I still haven’t read Heavenly Fire. All the booktubers I follow are slowly uploading their reviews of it, and I’m trying to finish TID before I read it. Such Victorian. Much formal.)

What’s the other thing booktubers do? Oh, wrap-ups. I could do wrap-ups.


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