Day 14/30: What You Wore Today

Well, it was a Saturday, so I wore my white Explore T-shirt to work today. And jeans. I always wear jeans. Worn ’em to everything since I got my first pair in Charleston when I was thirteen. Never wore skirts again until I went to college. Wore some old Nikes too. They’re real old but I like them because I replaced the laces with glittery black ones when I bought them. I’m such a child. I think that makes them the coolest thing ever.

Got off work at four and picked my mom up to go to Bed Bath & Beyond. Changed into a black T-shirt and cutoff jeans. I think that says a lot about my personality. I’m required to wear white at work, so I ended up with quite a collection of black graphic tees. Maybe that says a lot about human nature in general. Also wore flip-flops, just about the only thing I like about summer.

I am now home for the day and wearing a paint-spattered blue Sonic shirt and baggy black shorts. Bare feet because bare feet are the best. Unless you’re walking on sharp stuff like broken glass. Or a dead lawn.


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