Day 13/30: Your Opinion About Your Body

I don’t want to talk about my body.

“Girl” isn’t technically an opinion, but I guess it’s a good starting point. I’m too tall to be cute. I’m not fit enough to be hot. I do like my hair color and how it behaves in all weather except for Florida hurricane season. I don’t mind my eye color as much as I used to, but I’m extremely near-sighted and I have moderate astigmatism. Lasik is pretty high up on my bucket list, I just can’t afford it.

I’m unfit, so I’m not technically healthy, but I don’t get sick very often. I have good immunity, I guess, is the term for that. I eat pretty well, although I could definitely stand to eat a lot less. I’ve started eating a lot more sugar than I used to. That needs to be dealt with, but there’s just so much candy in my house. I don’t even know where it all came from.

I think the worst part for me is that the things I’m not comfortable with aren’t things I can change. I can’t change that I’m near-sighted or knock-kneed by cutting out 500 calories and going for a run every morning. It’s just not that simple.

What do people normally talk about when they talk about body image?


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