Day 12/30: Five Guys Whom You Find Attractive

Wow, where do I even start? So many attractive people in this world…. Benedict, obviously, and Dan, and Phil, and Jensen, and Matt, and David- I didn’t really embrace my inner fangirl until I graduated from college, but it’s a way of life now. The summer I graduated was the summer I met channels like Sorted Food and Charlieissocoollike. I never really subscribed to anyone before them. However, given my tagline, I’m going to choose five fictional people. I mean, fictional people are my life. Let’s do this!

1. Percy Jackson
I’ll admit I only began the series because of the movie, but the series is amazing. I borrowed the first one from the library, but then I got the other four on my Nook and read them all in one vacation. I love Percy because he’s funny and sassy. He’s impulsive, but he has good instincts and he’s loyal. I also like that he doesn’t fall in love with Annabeth right away. They have their share of fights before we get to any kind of romantic implications.

2. Fitzwilliam Darcy
How could I write about attractive men and not mention the infamous Mr. Darcy? He’s that “stiff upper lip” sort of English gentleman, he’s a doting big brother, and he’s incredibly smart. (Did you think I was going to say rich?) He’s careful to form opinions because he knows that his weakness is stubbornness. He is capable of very generous grand gestures, but he’s very discreet about them. He’s the kind of person who will rescue you, but not stick around to receive thanks.

3. Jace Wayland
I love Jace. Jace may be my favorite character of all time. (And I call him Jace Wayland because, you know, spoilers.) He’s extremely skilled at what he does. He is confident, intelligent, and passionate. As Izzy says, passion equals a good time. Jace definitely makes the Mortal Instruments a fun ride. The pure body weight’s worth of sass in that boy, seriously. And he goes down swinging, regardless of the situation. He’s loyal and determined and wonderful. I’m kind of putting off reading City of Heavenly Fire because I don’t want to say goodbye to Jace. (In either sense of the word. Please, Ms. Clare, don’t kill anyone else.) I don’t generally go for blondes in real life, but I love a lot of blond characters. Jace is one of them.

4. Ron Weasley
I’m noticing a trend toward younger guys. Ron was probably one of my earliest book boyfriends. I love his sense of humor (the book series Ron is self-deprecating and deadpan and hilarious), his incredibly bravery (I mean, he’s terrified of loads of stuff, but he doesn’t let that stop him from saving the world), and his loyalty (he remains Harry’s best friend even when all kinds of stuff happens to make him think Harry is keeping him in the dark [except for that one term in tGoF]). I love that Ron is the one who gets the girl, even though Ron isn’t really the main character. I love that Ron has the kind of family who completely welcomes Harry and Hermione, even though they struggle to make ends meet. And I love that Ron is ginger, because ginger characters are underrated.

5. Dean Winchester
I didn’t mention Cas Lowood, but I love hunters, and Dean is probably my favorite. (Sorry, Jace.) Dean is another big brother. He understands self-sacrifice and loyalty. He has a screwed-up view of love, but who doesn’t? He will do anything in his power to keep Sam alive and healthy. He has gone hungry to feed Sam. As a child, he had to play pool and poker in bars to get enough money to survive until Dad came back from his hunting trips. Dean does all this without ever expecting thanks. He also drives a really nice car and is in incredible shape even though he mostly crams his face full of food and drives around the country. And he’s funny too, sarcastic and quick-tongued.

I guess that makes this a book boyfriend post. Although Dean is technically not a book boyfriend. To summarize, these are the qualities I find attractive:

1. Funny
2. Loyal
3. Determined
4. Big brother
5. Hunter

I should bookmark this post for future reference. Nah, who am I kidding? I’m never going to meet anyone who measures up to the men I truly love.


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