Day 10/30: 10 Songs on Shuffle

Wow, a third of the way through already. June is going by super fast! I cheated a little bit on this one. Since I have so many soundtracks on my iPod, I have a playlist that excludes all the soundtrack music. Here are the first ten songs that played when I put that playlist on shuffle.

1. Love One Another (Michael W. Smith)
2. Self Inflicted (Katy Perry)
3. A Pirate’s Life for Me (Jonas Brothers version)
4. Pouring It Out for You (Jared Anderson)
5. Busted (from Phineas & Ferb)
6. Nobody Compares (One Direction)
7. Telling the World (Taio Cruz)
8. I Must Have It (VeggieTales)
9. Birthday (Selena Gomez)
10. The Show (Sanctus Real)

So basically, my iPod library is random as heck. I have Cabin Pressure on there too. I remembered today and listened to part of an episode in the car. Mmmm, Benedict Cumberbatch… I was gonna do the Soundtrack of My Life tag, but the power was out when I got home from an outing to banks and Asian markets. Maybe some other time.


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