Day 9/30: What Do You Think of Education

Obviously, education is really important, but I’m not a huge fan of the school system. American schools cater to making sure the slowest student understands, rather than pushing the class to match the brightest student. Many of the smartest kids become “delinquents” because school is boring. If students were being challenged in a more meaningful way, I would have a better opinion of the school system. I’m not impressed.

There’s an old saying that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. My personal theory: that’s where serial killers come from. A really smart kid got bored and got into something he shouldn’t have. One thing leads to another, and one day, he looks back and thinks, “How did I get here?” The American school system is setting up a wave of hyper-intelligent criminals, armed with all the tutorials and know-how of anyone with wifi.

Established education is daycare. Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple were all founded by people who didn’t graduate from college. Some of our greatest minds were self-taught. I think having a thirst for knowledge itself is more important than what you actually know or even have access to. (Although let’s be honest here: you have access to everything. You can look up the battle of Thermopylae on a device that fits in your pocket.)

Be thirsty. Learn stuff.


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