Day 8/30: What You Ate Today

I feel like these are getting progressively more boring. I mean, who wants to know what I ate today? Although I did try a frosted vanilla chai latte for the first time. That was pretty good, but I’m probably just gonna ask for iced instead of frosted next time. I also bought chips to share with my guest who’s arriving today, but I may have already eaten half of them. Oops.

Since we’re on the topic of food, I need to go on a diet. I’ve gained almost a stone in the last fortnight just eating random crap. And I was doing pretty good too. Need to start working out is what it is. I did work out one time this week, come to think of it. Plus I got my bathroom redone this week, so I have an awesome new shower. What connection, you ask? Because I hated showering in my old shower, which made me hate the work out cleanup. Greeaat, one less excuse to be lazy.

This was supposed to be about food. But seriously, my main reason for working out is that I don’t have to feel quite as guilty about eating whatever I want. I would definitely die in the first week if there was ever a zombie apocalypse.

Last November, when I did my 30 Days 30 Stories project, I wrote a story about zombies escaping from the CDC in Atlanta. I think, for me, this head canon that the zombie apocalypse will originate at the CDC began when I read Ted Dekker’s Circle trilogy. (I think.) I guess they weren’t technically zombies. But the virus did waltz through the CDC at some point. The Walking Dead happens in the Atlanta area too, doesn’t it? Why are all the zombies in Georgiaaaaaa!


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