Day 7/30: Five Pet Peeves

I’m kind of OCD about random stuff, but wouldn’t you know, I can’t think of anything. So I’m going to completely (mostly) make up five random things in no particular order.

1. When people cuss a lot just to fill out a sentence. Like, here’s a dictionary. Learn better rants.

2. When people leave your door open. If I wanted my door open, I would have used the doorstop.

3. When people erase chalkboards or whiteboards and leave a tiny streak of chalk/marker. I then spend the duration of my presence in that room staring at the streak.

4. Any rice that’s not Japanese. Just no.

5. Anime in English. I hate dubs. Passionately. The characters never sound right. For one thing, a lot of the Japanese characterization is specific to Japanese culture and sounds weird in English. For another, the essence of most anime characters is their rudeness or (diamond-in-the-)roughness. That’s what makes their stories interesting. There’s no established polite/formal English. So in the dubs, those characters just cuss a lot. It’s not the same character anymore. And vocal Folley is better in Japanese anyway. I would say the exception to this opinion is the dubs of Studio Ghibli movies, which are amazing.


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