Day 6/30: Your Views on Mainstream Music

I’m not sure how much of an opinion I can have on this. I discover all my music either by hearing it in a movie, or by hearing it on the Dan and Phil show on BBC Radio 1 (or hearing one of them talk about a song in general). I have recently discovered Spotify, but I mostly use it to listen to soundtracks. My music library is eclectic at best. I really don’t ever hear a song until it hits mainstream. I mean, how do these hipster people even find stuff that’s not mainstream? Do they just spend all their time on Vevo, watching Recommendations?

But on the other hand, I like what I like. I’m not very choosy about my music. If I like the way it sounds, regardless of language or content, I’ll probably put it on my iPod. I tend to not understand lyrics for the longest time either. It took me months to figure out “a phone with a peel” (not appeal). I think it’s because English is not technically my first language. Yes, it’s my preferred language, and yes, I spoke it first. But I learned English and Japanese at the same time and speak both interchangeably. So I’m not aware of when things don’t make sense. Sometimes I’ll be saying something, and I’m using English words, but I’m not speaking English. This is especially true when I’m with Japanese friends.

That had nothing to do with music. My opinion: Listen to what you like and don’t be ashamed of liking it.


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