Day 4/30: Bullet Your Whole Day

This sounds so boring….. I mean, I don’t exactly have an exciting life.

-Woke up and had to walk to the complete other end of the house to brush my teeth because my bathroom is getting renovated this week.

-Ate breakfast, the most important meal of the day!

-Went to work, where my shift was only four hours today! Woo hoo! It was pretty steady for a Wednesday morning. I only got to read about 20 pages of my book.

-Ate teriyaki chicken for lunch.

-Went to my friends’ house to “help paint.” Mostly just watched them sponge paint onto the ceiling. It looks super cool. I did roll one wall, and I managed to splotch paint onto my brand new T-shirt. Sigh.

-Ate leftovers for dinner.

-Unexpectedly got let off running screens at youth group, but I arrived early anyway because I was already ready. Got to talk to someone I don’t usually get to talk to, so it was worth it.

-Decided that I’m too lazy to paint my bathroom tonight. Probably gonna work on a short story project, read Clockwork Angel, or watch One Piece until I go to bed.


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