Day 2/30: Something You Feel Strongly About

Fair warning: I’m a Sherlockian. Not a hardcore Sherlockian, but I mean, the original Sherlockians forced Arthur Conan Doyle to bring Sherlock back from the dead, so who’s to say how hardcore any of us are, really?

But anyway, something I feel strongly about is Sherlolly. For those of you who haven’t see the show, or don’t get on the Internet much, Sherlolly is the ship name for Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper. (I don’t think Molly existed in the original books, but either way, the Sherlolly ship is specific to the BBC Sherlock.)

I am not a Sherlolly shipper.


Molly Hooper is a wonderful person. She’s kind and smart and loyal. She’s quiet, but she’s passionate. I like to think out of all the characters on the show, I’m the most like her. And like me, she’s in love with Sherlock. On the surface, I think, “Awww, nerdy kind of girl in love with a man who is incredibly good at what he does.” But Sherlock is a jerk. He knows nothing about people, and he deduces no holds barred, even his friends’ secrets, just because he’s bored.

Molly usually takes it. She’s loyal to the extent that she’s a glutton for punishment, always there because she wants to help him and consequently oftentimes taking the brunt of his frustration. But she deserves better. She deserves better than a man who is more interested in microwaving eyeballs than in holding her hand. Admittedly, Molly is a coroner (is that what it’s called?), but dead things are not the kind of pillow talk you want to be having. Sherlock is lovely, with his collar turned up and his magnificent cheekbones and his otherworldly eyes, but he’s much too detached to have a proper romantic relationship with anyone.

And that’s the main reason why I hate Sherlolly so much. Because Molly is so much like me, and hopelessly in love with someone so far out of her league.

(The romantic side of me feels the need to point out that as a person, Molly is way out of Sherlock’s league. Because she is strong, and she is loyal, and she is determined, and Sherlock loves all those things even though he’s not properly capable of love. I guess that means that in his own way, Sherlock is in love with Molly. But if you’re going to call that being in love, Sherlock is equally in love with John. [Tbh, the Johnlock ship is a lot bigger than the Sherlolly ship.])

So yeah, I have very strong feelings about Sherlolly. They did make a good team in The Empty Hearse, and Sherlock is coming around now that Molly is getting kind of slightly awesome. I think they’d be great friends, except that Molly will always be just a little in love with Sherlock.


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