Day 1/30: Five Ways to Win Your Heart

I discovered Alex Lite today. In case anyone (least of all me) thought I was over Alex. *sigh*

Today is the first day of my project to blog every day in June. (Happy June!) The writing prompt is the title of this post, and these are my answers.

1. “I ship us”
Literally, if I guy walked up to me and said, “I ship us,” I would go out with him. The fact that this line is worth at least one date with me kind of worries me.

2. Date to Barnes & Noble
So there’s this thing floating around the Internets:
book And yes. Just so much yes. If you buy me books, I will love you forever.

3. Quoting any of my favorite shows or books to me
Things like “Sontar-ha” and “Do you just go on talking when I’ve left” and “PIE” and “I’d be lost without my blogger” and “Honey, you should see me in a crown” and “I’m/you’re a Keeper” and “Don’t blink” make me so happy when I hear them in public. Like, you have no idea. The fandom life snuck into my house in the middle of the night and started eating out of my fridge and I almost killed it, but I’m so glad I agreed to hear it out.

4. Play for me (mainly piano or guitar, but I’m open to other instruments)
I actually don’t like acoustic guitar that much, but I love being played for. I love the intimacy of one instrument, just for me.

5. Tell me stories
This one’s kind of obvious, since I’m a writer and a bookworm. (If you don’t know this about me, hi. You must be new.) I can’t do oral storytelling, but I love listening to people who know how to tell a good story. I love the cadence and the tones of a good storyteller. I actually did not realize this until last summer, when Alex told me my first ghost story. I had never done the thing where you sit around taking turns telling scary stories, and he knew a lot of them. One of them still makes me shudder if I remember it when I’m alone, and he told the story almost a year ago.

Evidently, I’m easily won. I think the implication is that “win my heart” has a different meaning to me than it does to regular people. I like (or dislike, depending on the day) to think that I was in love with Alex (Original, not Lite, just for the record). But as I review that relationship, and other relationships I’m in (all kinds of relationships, not just the one-sided infatuations), I’ve begun to realize that I’m really detached emotionally. But while I’m on the topic, here’s a letter to a friend that’s been on my heart for a while.

Dear Alex,

 You were a lot more fun before you got a girlfriend.

I miss the let’s-eat-curry-and-watch-anime unexpected evenings and the how-do-you-say-xxx-in-Japanese text messages.

I miss exploring old houses and taking pictures of food.

I miss you.

But as I think about why I miss you, I realize that I don’t really miss you.

I miss the ability to confess anything, and I miss being goaded into trying new things.

I miss an outlook on life that I’ve never considered.

I miss insights into how boys actually think, how they actually feel.

 Maybe I was never really in love with you.

Maybe you were just research.

Appropriate, isn’t it?

I’ve served your purpose, and you’ve served mine.

No reason for us to see each other anymore.


 Phone call would be nice.


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