Six Hour Social Limit

Is it normal to so dread leaving your house that you feel sick to your stomach? I honestly wouldn’t leave my house if I didn’t have to go to work. When faced with new situations, I get so nervous that I get a stomachache. If I don’t know who’s going to be there, I have no motivation nor inclination to go. I think my lifelong friends are going to be YouTube and Netflix and Crunchyroll and that’s that.

Summarily, I shall be blogging every day in June. See you Sunday.

UPDATE: I just realized that I never blogged about the six hour social limit. Oops. Okay, well, when I had a bunch of friends visiting my house, we went out two days in a row and spent the entire day out. And I discovered that even when I’m having a great time, once I hit six hours out, I start getting like, “I hate everything. I hate everyone. I want to go home.” So I was kind of worried about today because I was supposed to go to a pool party and a birthday party back to back. Guess what? Pool party got moved to another day. Hahahaha……


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