The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe

You never forget your first Doctor. It was an accident really, that he was my first. I was looking at the titles of the Christmas specials, and “The Doctor, The Widow & The Wardrobe” stood out to me, for obvious reasons. I thought he was funny and random and wonderful. He made me want more. I went back to the beginning, met Eccleston’s Doctor and Tennant’s Doctor, and even though I love them both (not even just for Eccleston’s No’th’n accent and Tennant’s magical hair and big brown eyes), Matt Smith is and always will be my Doctor. Because he was my first.

And I mean come on. Look at his face.

seduce you with my awkwardness

Now, after watching six series of Doctor Who, I’ve finally arrived back at this Christmas special. But I’m watching it with all the weight of the episodes before it, and I think I’m dead inside. How can someone who’s seen so much sadness be so kind and happy?

PS: Just got to the end bit where Amy says, “River told us.” I didn’t know who River was the first time. *dying laughing*


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