So I discovered Chuck on Saturday. One of my favorite books is Blink by Ted Dekker (it’s called In the Blink of an Eye now, I think). He starts getting visions of multiple futures a few seconds out. Chuck kind of reminds me of that, because basically, Chuck’s flashes are the cyberpunk version of psychic vision.

I think my obsession with steampunk began when I discovered Girl Genius. I haven’t read it in about five years, but it was really funny and it inspired my writing in a lot of ways. It’s about a girl with the ability to create machines. (Wow, I make it sound boring.) But recently, I’ll be working on some novel and suddenly think, “This reminds me of Girl Genius.”

Actually, I do that with everything. I’ll be walking around somewhere now and see a blonde guy and immediately think, “JACE.” I’m slightly disturbed by how often that happens, especially since I’ve only been in love with Jace for like two weeks. In my mind, I think of Jace as Jake Abel. Because Jake Abel is someone I mentally cast in my novel, and now that character is starting to turn into Jace, and he’s a mundane/Muggle/etc so I’m not allowed, but gahhhhhh.

I think I need to crawl into a hole somewhere with no Internet for a few weeks until I detox all this Mortal Instruments stuff. I’ve already decided that I want to get a parabatai tattoo with my husband. I was going to start reading City of Lost Souls today. I forgot. I’m reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, first time. Went swimming today. And shopping. When did my life get so busy?


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