So I fell madly in love this weekend. I don’t think I’ve ever fallen that hard that quickly. Like seriously. And he would be blond too, wouldn’t he. Of course he is. And of course he would be a bad boy.

And of course he would be a hunter.

His name is Jace. I don’t think I’ll ever look at a man the same way again. I mean seriously, who could compare with a golden angel like Jace? I’ve never wanted so badly for someone to be real. He makes me want things I didn’t realize I knew existed.

The fact that my current favorite men (Dean Winchester, Cas Lowood, and Jace Wayland) are all hunters should probably worry me. And also, I probably should not be allowed to pick my own boyfriend. We were only two or three chapters into City of Bones, back when Jace is still a complete jerk, and I was already like, “I want to marry this boy.”

The blond thing is interesting though. Draco Malfoy aside, I can’t think of any other blond bad boys. I feel like the blond boy is usually the wholesome choice in the love triangle. Yay, Clare.

I’m more than halfway through City of Ashes now. I’m so glad I brought my Nook with me.


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