Fire and Ice

When I was seventeen, I went to art camp. My roommate and I concluded that we like hot guys. Think about it: Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four), Zuko and Mako from Avatar (the one and only, not that weird movie), Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist), Ace Portgas (One Piece), and Warren Peace (Sky High). And I hadn’t thought about it in a while, but I just watched Frozen and Rise of the Guardians (Jelsa is my new OTP). Which made me realize that stories about fire and stories about ice are fundamentally different.

Take Zuko, for example. His story is about revenge. He is passionate about regaining his honor, and he’s one of the angriest people on The Last Airbender. By contrast, Elsa’s story is about fear. She wants to protect her sister. This results in a character journey that reaches very heart-wrenching lows before all is said and done. And, while Jack is very happy for an ice elemental, the sad moments in Rise of the Guardians were life-crushing sad moments.

Guess which one I like. I loved Frozen and Rise of the Guardians, but after watching them, I felt like I had been through an emotional washing machine. Fire stories are about taking the initiative to get things done. I guess action is inherent to most fire elemental characters. I know it’s inherent to all three of mine.


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