Sam (BB #2)

Just watched the extended version of The Two Towers because I got snowed in for like three days. And I remembered something. Ron and Hermione were my first OTP, but Sam is probably one of the very first fictional characters I was properly in love with. Why, you might ask?

Sam is a very hard worker. He’s a gardener, which is not a particularly spectacular job, but he loves what he does and he’s really good at it.

Sam is a good cook. That’s always a plus.

Sam is faithful. He follows Frodo into a place where he would never have gone if he had been making the decisions. But he knows that Frodo needs him, and he steps up to the task. He doesn’t turn back when things get hard. He doesn’t give up when Frodo sends him away. He keeps showing up, and in the end, he saves the day. I think loyalty is the thing I look for most. Whether that’s because of Sam or not, who knows.

So yeah. In other news, I crocheted half a scarf and cross-stitched two mushrooms and a star from Super Mario. Didn’t get much writing done though. Because my parents got snowed in too. Haaa.


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