Unspoken (Dee Henderson)

So I finally got over my Gone Girl hangover enough to start a new book. And I picked a good one. See my Goodreads review here. Unspoken was almost like a treatise on the emotional havoc caused by abduction. It wasn’t just a good story, it was also a really good book. These are the quotes that I liked. (SPOILERS?)

She doesn’t wear his ring but you can hear it in her voice.
Not for any particular reason other than the craft of it.

“What’s an active threat?”
“I hand her a gun and tell her to shoot whoever walks through the door.”

This is the moment at which Bryce (and the reader) really begins to realize what kind of chaos goes on behind Charlotte’s façade, what kind of horrors she’s survived.

“Would you kiss me, Bryce, carefully? I am curious.”
The progression of Charlotte letting down her boundaries around Bryce was really well written. I don’t mean to sound callous. Obviously, rape is horrible and tragic. But I don’t know anyone who talks about it (probably don’t know anyone who has been raped or abused). Lines like this made me properly think about it. Being abducted, and the horrors most probably included, fundamentally changes who you are.

“You don’t love her . . . but she deserves a friend.”
The marriage dynamic in Unspoken is really unusual. Bryce and Charlotte barely kiss within the book’s pages, and neither loved the other yet when they actually got married. (Read the book for the reasons behind this. It’s good, I promise.) I thought it was interesting that Bryce’s dad was okay with Bryce’s reasoning behind why he was going to marry Charlotte. Made me really consider what I think about marriage. I grew up in a place where marriage is usually a social contract: women marry more for stability than they do for love. (Less so now, but it was when I was growing up.) So it was interesting to see a shade of that idea in the American perspective.

He understood why guys didn’t bring up the subject of marriage until they knew the lady would say yes when asked. This waiting for an answer was extraordinarily difficult.
I’ve always wondered about this.

“I’d rather not have to tell a curious caller that I’m your wife and hear the shocked silence as they realize you’re married and they didn’t know—or even worse, discover it was someone you once dated, or it’s your great aunt I just shocked.”
Just because it made me laugh. And I hate answering the phone.

She bought him books. He bought her shoes. She hung sketches in his office. . . . Movies began to gather on the coffee table, and evenings sharing the couch, sometimes her head resting against his shoulder, became common. Life began to fit together.
And Bryce started to fall in love with his wife.

Cutest thing ever.

“I love you,” he said.
“Don’t say that,” she whispered achingly.
“It’s an explanation, not an expectation. I love you, and I have chosen to spend my life with you.”

This is what I want. And why I will probably never get married.

All around great book. Definitely worth a read.


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