The Life List (1/30 Stories)

Now that November is over, I’ll be slowly uploading most of the stories I wrote for my 30 Days 30 Stories project. I’m actually really happy with the results of this month. Twelve out of thirty will be going up on Wattpad sometime in the next couple months. Three of those twelve I’m hoping to work into short stories for Amazon. Six of the thirty will be going up on WordPress, either because they were too short for Wattpad or not quite up to the quality I’m aiming for over there. Three of the thirty are going on Tumblr because they ended up being fanfiction. And eight of the thirty I won’t be posting as of yet. A couple might turn into future novels, and at least one was just so bad that I didn’t want to post it anywhere.

Day 1 (The Life List) is about an American college girl who has just finished a semester at the University of York. She’s sad because she’ll be leaving a good friend that she made there.



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2 responses to “The Life List (1/30 Stories)

  1. Hey! I’m on wattpad as well, could you please check out my story? I’m trying to get more views and feedback


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