Old Notebooks

When I was going through my music library the other day, I was possessed with the sudden desire to burn all my diaries. I don’t have the heart to go through with that, but I did get them all out and label them so that I could put them in order. Still trying to figure out how to store them all, because I’ve got over forty of them that I’ve completely filled. Someone gave me my first diary when I was six. It’s red with Santa’s face all over it, which is funny because my family didn’t do the Santa thing. I put Hello Kitty stickers and stuff on the front too. I guess that made it multi-seasonal. That diary lasted for five years.

When I was about sixteen, I committed to writing at least a paragraph every day. A nice journal lasts me about five months now. I was looking through some of the older ones, from when I was thirteen or so, and the entries are so cringe. Not to mention my handwriting is terrible. I guess if nothing else, my handwriting has improved.

I used to write snippets of stories in them too, which I don’t do anymore now that I have a couple different day books. But I discovered that the main character of the novel I’m currently writing started showing up in my notes around 2004. So this novel has been welling up inside of me for nearly a decade. It’s about time I wrote the darn thing. I would post lines I thought were funny (or stupid), but in the early versions, the stories were just a fanfictional mashup of multiple books and movies. Also, trying to read them ten years removed, even I couldn’t figure out what was going on most of the time. I hope my writing has improved since then. I was so bad about laundry-listing characteristics: Julia Brown, age twelve, with big blue eyes and long dark hair, walked down the street in a long coat and red scarf. SO CRINGE.

I also discovered that pretty much the first thing I got into when we got the Internet was Neopets. Anyone remember that? It’s kind of crap now that they’ve got like five ads on every stinkin’ page, but when it first came out, I would sit on Neopets.com for hours and hours every day. Neopets is actually the reason my family upgraded to broadband Internet. My first Neopet was a red Zafara. I ended up with about five accounts, and then I lost all the passwords. I made a new account a few years ago, mainly for the lulz, but I go on there every once in a while to indulge my inner child. I put my current Neopets under the Lab Ray, so I don’t remember what I have except for a red Xweetok (no, I don’t know how to pronounce it) named Owl_Cat. I don’t even know.

Aaaaaand back onto Pinterest I go. I swear, that website has consumed my life. I need to start doing some of the stuff I’m pinning. I guess making pancakes was a start. I’ll let you know if I ever go down a Saharan sand dune in a pickup truck.


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