2300 Songs

I went to Panera first thing when I got up this morning. I was lured there by free coffee, and I got a pumpkin spice latte. Super good. And evidently quite effective. I’ve so far written eleven college-ruled pages of a short story I began in July and got stuck on halfway through. So yeah, I might start drinking coffee more often. Although I don’t know whether a latte counts as coffee or not. All I know is it tasted nice. Definitely going back soon.

Since I was writing all day, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and go through my 13GB music library. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, because there’s several hundred songs that I haven’t listened to in the last six years. Today was the perfect day, so I’ve been deleting my way through 2300 songs. I’m halfway through, having deleted about 60 tracks. But I discovered something interesting as I was working my way through music that I added to iTunes eight years ago.

Last time I went to Panera, I went with a thirteen-year-old who was dressed more stylishly than me. This made me kind of sad, for one thing because I’m ten years older, but also because I have the fashion effort of a thirteen-year-old boy. So I was going through my music with the mindset that I’m still thirteen on the inside (awkward, shy, and terrified about everything), and I discovered that I actually have changed quite a bit. There were a lot of songs that I used to love when I first started listening to music at age thirteen, and I can’t stand them now. I don’t really like rap, but apparently, I liked it a lot more when I was thirteen.

More than anything, I keep finding pieces of a boy I used to really like in every other song I listen to. Isn’t it weird how music has that kind of power? You haven’t thought about something in months or even years, and a few notes bring the memory back with unbelievable clarity. Even when you’re just listening to music, you can recognize a song you know by the first few notes. And what’s weird is, the first five seconds of a song decide it for me. I can usually tell by then if I’ll like the song or not. First impressions are important.

In other news, I got a deviantArt account. I’ve uploaded three pictures so far. They’re not amazing, but I really liked them, and they were higher quality than Instagram (or Tumblr). I may or may not be trying to put something artsy in the description (like a haiku or a food for thought kind of snippet) in the future.

Also, I’ve been working on uploading my short stories to Wattpad. The first short story that hasn’t already been uploaded on WordPress will probably appear sometime this weekend. You can find links to my various accounts on my Bio and Short Stories pages.


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