I’m Moving to the U.K.

No, seriously. I just spent two hours watching Vimeo, and I have concluded that I might just live in the most

geographically unattractive place in the whole world. For one thing, it’s flat. It’s not flat like Kansas, but I grew up in Japan, and it’s flat to me. I remember when I first moved here, I was like, “There’s so much sky!” I live between two cotton fields, which means that at least twice a summer, it smells so bad that you can barely go outside.

And speaking of seasons, I don’t get fall! Fall is my favorite season because it’s colorful and windy and I know that winter is just around the corner. Winter is technically my favorite season, but I know spring comes after winter, and then summer is just around the corner. Now that I’ve graduated, I’ve lost my one reason to like summer: summer vacation. Anyway, there’s nothing but pine where I live, so there’s no explosion of red and orange around this time of year. Neither is there the redemptive blanket of snow around Christmas. So yeah, no leaves changing and no snow. No wind either, but I don’t mind that quite as much.

I was watching Downton Abbey yesterday. It’s kind of like Pride & Prejudice from the servants’ perspective, as far as I can tell from the first episode. But their house is quite similar to the house in The Secret Garden, which is one of my favorite books, and I’ve always wanted to live in one of those lonely country houses. (I obviously don’t watch horror films.) Anyway, I decided that I’m buying a manor on the moor. Or maybe a cottage in the Yorkshire dales. I’ve been reading James Herriot’s vet stories since I was about eleven, and I can only assume that’s where my love for the north of England began.

Before I got on Vimeo tonight, I was marathoning AmazingPhil’s YouTube videos from six years ago. He used to be so much more northern, and it made me very happy. I miss all the crazy random videos where he changes into a monster halfway through. I’ve watched so many Phil videos tonight that my brain is talking in a northern accent (and maybe in Phil’s voice, just a little bit). If I ever go for a British accent, it’ll be a northern one. I’ll be working on that. I think the reason I love the northern accent so much more than regular/Queen’s English is that the only British person I actually know is from York.

I learned the word for this yesterday. It’s called anglomania, and I am a proud anglophile. With the manor in mind for when I become a billionaire (haha), I decided that before I turn thirty, I want to live in London. Just pick up and move there for six months. We’ll see how that pans out, and if it happens, it’ll definitely be something to blog about.


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