Okay, I’ll Bite

YouNow took over my life recently and one of the people I started watching (three guesses who) does something he calls his weekly Spotify update. He always makes fun of his “most listened to” track because it’s usually something completely wrong. Anyway, I was like, I’ve been hearing about this from a lot of places, okay, I’ll bite.

I have tried out Spotify several times. The first time I downloaded the app on my iPod touch, it lasted about an hour. The second time, it lasted a couple days. The third time, I kept it about a week, mainly because I had installed the program on my laptop and I was warming up to the concept. I don’t like the app because I haven’t paid for it, and I can’t control what I’m listening to. (I have Pandora for that. For the record, I still like the Pandora app better.)

But a couple days ago, I decided that I wanted to read a book. So I played music while I was reading. And I discovered that in the Spotify computer program, you can listen through an entire album. I think I’m on my fifth or sixth album today alone. I discovered 2Cellos, Dallas String Quartet, and Eklipse. I wouldn’t be so excited about this except that this is the first time I’ve really found my own music. I used to find all my music by watching movies and going, “I like this song.” Then One Direction happened, and I started listening to music on purpose on YouTube.

So yeah. Spotify. More specifically, I’ll listen to Pandora, find a song I like, and listen to the artist’s entire discography on Spotify. No more hearing songs for the first time on the BBC Request Show (a.k.a., the Dan and Phil Show) for me!

I didn’t sleep well last night. Leave me alone.


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