My Greatest Fear

My family was watching the Lizzie McGuire movie last night. If you haven’t seen it, Lizzie falls in love with an Italian rockstar. Hilary Duff is such a good actress. Her face at the moment when she finds out he was playing her clearly reflects stubborn denial and crushing disappointment. And then, heartbreak, as she accepts the truth.

That’s my greatest fear. I don’t like to get excited when good things happen to me because I have this fear that someone was just jerking me around. Why? Maybe because I read a lot of manga about rich men’s sons making a game of commoner girls (stuff like Ouran Host Club and Boys Over Flowers, which are two of my favorite shoujo manga). I don’t know anyone who would jerk me around, but you never know, right?

Speaking of things scary, I finally got around to the stack of books I got from my library two weeks ago. I was kind of disappointed with my Stephen King experience. I skimmed Blockade Billy because I don’t understand baseball, so that one had an unfair disadvantage. (First time in my life I’ve ever skipped to the end of a book.) I also got a book called Everything Eventual, which has fourteen “dark tales” in it. I was so bored by about tale five that I didn’t even finish the book. Is this a healthy reaction? Should I be so unmoved by suicidal salesmen and paralyzed morgue patients?

I didn’t finish Ray Bradbury either. I got We’ll Always Have Paris, which was also a collection of short stories. I liked that one better, but after “Pater Caninus” or whatever, I was like, “Nope. I’m good.” I really liked “Massinello Pietro,” obviously, but “Ma Perkins Comes to Stay” was so weird. And I got Dandelion Wine too, which is so descriptive that I couldn’t picture anything and I gave up about three chapters in. Hopefully, Farenheit 451 will hold up to reputation, whenever I get around to reading it.

So yeah. After being mostly disappointed by my evening of pleasure reading, I have decided to start into my three or four shelves of new books that I amassed while at college. Probably starting with The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker. I’ve also been working my way through To Kill a Mockingbird for the second time. That’s definitely one of my favorite books.


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