Horizon Day: A Star in a Stone-Boat (Robert Frost)

I’ve had a revelation about my vocation. As part of my project to broaden my horizons (hence the title), I was reading “A Star in a Stone-Boat” by Robert Frost. It’s about a meteor that someone carts off to build a wall. But the builder doesn’t know what it is, so to him, it’s just a rock. He doesn’t know that this rock was once aflame with passion and light. He doesn’t know it was once wished upon by a lonely girl in middle school, or that it broke into a million tiny pieces as it fell to earth.

What are we if not stories? Without a story, a hero is just a man and a shooting star is just a rock. It’s the writer’s job to draw attention to the ordinary and explain why it’s not actually ordinary. A character becomes a hero under the fingers of a writer who realizes that a story is the most powerful thing in the world.

EDIT: Could you please comment how you found this post? People keep finding it and I don’t understand??? I’m a Google result what


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One response to “Horizon Day: A Star in a Stone-Boat (Robert Frost)

  1. Duncan Duchov

    Hi! I’m really glad that you checked out “A Star in a Stone-Boat.” I hope that you enjoyed it! I liked your observations on the connection between people and stories, too.

    Anyhow, I’m commenting because I want to reply to your question: This page of yours was the fifth result when I Googled “star in a stone boat”! Impressive! I suspect that many visitors have been led here through exactly that way.

    I hope that that helps! I hope, too, that you keep up the great work on your blog. Best wishes to you and to everyone else in your circle!

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