YouTube is Evil

YouTube is evil. Just throwing that out there. I’m at home right now, supposed to be working on my novel, BUT … YouTube. Yeah. If you’ve ever seen danisnotonfire’s video Fictional Friends, that’s basically my life right now.

I did start working out last week though. I guess that’s something. I’ve also been sick for the last three weeks, so I can’t really concentrate on anything. That’s what makes YouTube so dangerous. The channels I watch (like danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil and KickthePJ) all have quite short videos, so even when you’re sick, you can concentrate long enough to watch one. And then another. And another.

Chain-reading books is one thing. YouTube has a never-ending supply of petty entertainment. (Don’t even get me started on Tumblr. Or Pinterest, which might be my favorite site ever.) But when I was on YouTube today, I found a really good Sprinkleofglitter video called Self Harm. That video is an example of the power you now have through social media, whether on YouTube or on Facebook and Twitter. BriBryontour and zoella280390 also did videos on depression, which really inspired me.

So, my current “social circle” consisting of a bunch of British goofballs, I will be attempting to use my platform to do more worthwhile things. Maybe a short story sometime soon. Oh, and I need to tell y’all about Kyoto… I forgot about that.


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