So me and my roomie are reliving our favorite parts of college. We’re cooking stuff we have no business eating and watching Castle together. Whoever thought of putting cookie dough inside of brownies was genius. And there is a huge difference between using oil and using butter in brownies. Either that, or they were perfectly undercooked. I’m going to regret this when I weigh myself tomorrow, but it was SO good.

Castle has to be one of my favorite crime shows. I think my main reason is that Rick Castle is an author, which is what I want to be. His skill at story-telling makes him useful in an unlikely way. After spending the last month with an amazing story-teller, I realized that story-telling is a skill that gets you places. I had never thought about it much before, but everything is a story. When you tell your friend about that thing your dog did, that’s a story. When you try to convince anyone about anything, the best way is to use stories. Not just “a dog chased a ball” stories, but “a golden retriever plunged into the creek after a tennis ball” stories. Castle is good at these. And his hunches are wild, but he’s usually right.

I also like Castle because of the father-daughter relationship it portrays. As far as I know, the only other really positive father-daughter relationship on TV (at least on the channels I get) is Lightman and his daughter in Lie to Me (and I haven’t seen as much of that as I have of Castle). Castle really cares for his daughter, and even though he’s a single father, he is doing his best to be a positive role model in Alexis’s life. Alexis Castle herself might be one of my favorite female characters currently on television. She’s knowledgeable, resourceful, and quick-thinking. Things I wish I were. She’s independent enough to leave home and be her own person, but she’s tender enough that she still admits that she loves her family. She’s younger than I am, but she’s one of those characters that inspire me to be better.

That’s what this next “semester” is going to be about for me. From now until New Year’s, I’m going to be changing the way I live. I want to be fit, and I want to be sociable, and I want to be informed. Those are my three basic goals, and I’m going to be spending the next four months working on them. I’ll be keeping you posted.


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