Japan: Day 20

Moving to Osaka today! Shipped my suitcase yesterday, so I basically have to stuff all my shower stuff into a duffle bag and get on the shinkansen. Super excited. I’ve been on a shinkansen once in my life (apparently), but I have no memory of it. Can’t wait to take pictures. Or at least film with my iPod. It will be a four-hour ride. Gotta entertain myself somehow.

Went to Akihabara a few days ago. So … much … ANIME. It was pretty cool, actually. We went in three or four multi-storied buildings full of manga and anime and video games and figurines. I wanted to buy a Luffy doll so bad, but I controlled myself. Maybe if I move here …

I got sushi again on Sunday. It was kinda cool. Walked around Shibuya, ate lunch, and caught the train home all by myself. I’ve never appreciated my in-ear buds so much. And Japanese cities are awesome. This was lunchtime, but Tokyo is so safe I would be fine with walking around by myself at night. I’m so spoiled.

Oh, and there will probably be no more updates until I get home. There might be a multi-day blog then, but the next house I’m staying at doesn’t have wifi. What is this, the stone age?


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