Japan: Day 16

Well, today I learned that you should never go back to places you loved as a child. The atmosphere was so different. I don’t know if I’m just old enough now to know that pretty much everyone is just there to get some, or if it’s actually changed a lot. We got really bad vibes off the whole thing, and there was like 30 policemen wandering around (and pretty well-armed for Japanese policemen).

Oh. This was at a beach called Onjuku. They call it Tsuki no Sabaku (Moon Desert) because it’s in a hollow of the coast and the sand is pretty white for Japanese beach, so it looks like a moon. As far as Japanese beaches go, it was really pretty. And there was hardly anybody there. (For Japan, haha.) They seriously have the most awesome fireworks I’ve ever seen in my life. And I’ve been to Disney World. They had stuff like cubes and stars and smiley faces and frogs. There were even some that shot off the water. I don’t think any of my videos turned out, but that part was still as awesome as I remember. (Except that it was a little cloudy and we couldn’t see the ones they shot up super high.)

The car ride was a couple hours. The country was so pretty. It looks really different from a car than it does from a train. I don’t think I’ve ever driven there (or at least, I have no memory of the drive). But it was so cool. Lots of windy roads and tunnels. I miss rice fields. That was most of the second half of the drive. It was really funny because I was like, “Aw, Japanese country,” and my travel buddy was like, “It still looks like city to me.” Silly American ;p

We took the Aqua Line to get out there. It’s kind of like the Japanese version of the Chunnel. It cuts under Tokyo Bay, and it looks so cool on the GPS. We stopped at a four-story shopping complex halfway across the bay. I got Georgia coffee because I live in Georgia now and it’s funny. It was basically coffee-flavored milk with tons of sugar. Haha, I’m so lame. I liked it though.

We had yakisoba for dinner. I miss matsuri food. It’s not even that good, actually, but the atmosphere, seriously. I bought a chocolate-covered banana, and the guy running the stand was like, “Janken” (rock paper scissors). So I won and I got another one free. I gave it to the little girl that went there with me. I forgot about omake (free extra). They don’t do that in America.


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