Japan: Day 14

So I haven’t actually done anything this weekend. I went to a second-hand bookstore, church, and a kaitenzushi place, but that’s about it since I went to Harajuku. Finally went somewhere today though! And the rest of this week looks pretty busy, so there will be a few more Japan updates.

Went to see the big Buddha statue in Kamakura. I don’t know what I was expecting. There wasn’t really anything there except for the statue. We got some nice pictures though. And I ate dango, finally. I got green mochi with anko. I don’t know what it was called, but it tasted amazing.

Also went to Enoshima. I guess it’s famous for the beach. I forgot how gross Japanese beaches are. Hope the one we’re going to for fireworks is still as good as I remember. Anyway, Enoshima has some kind of dragon legend. I think I take a lot of pictures of “furniture” type stuff. Like lampposts and gates. But the town itself was kind of cool. We ate lunch there. I had tempura and soba. First soba since I got here. And the tempura was amazing.

Got on the wrong train going home. That was exciting. I had to switch trains and come home by myself.

So tired.


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