Japan: Day 9

Wednesday, we went to the temple at Asakusa. I’ve been there before, so I didn’t have that much to say about it. It’s definitely a beautiful building. Today, we went to Meiji Jingu, which is a temple in Harajuku (or thereabouts). It was a lot smaller and less flashy. There weren’t nearly as many people there, but it was a beautiful building too. The path up to it was gorgeous. It wasn’t quite pebbles, but this kind of black gravel that sounds almost like walking on fresh snow. Almost. And there were these two huge trees. I think I like trees. I was going back over the pictures I’ve taken so far, and I have a lot of pictures of trees. And I take a lot of pictures sideways, but that’s besides the point.

Walked through the Harajuku main street. There were some really cool shops, but we mostly just walked by. I saw my first black people since getting here. At least one of them was American, but the others all had African or island accents. We’ve noticed that we’re the only American white people wandering around. (Although I guess I’m not technically white…) All the other white people are European: French, German, Portuguese. I think we heard some Russian today too.

Went to a ramen-ya for the first time! It was Kyushu style, which means that the soup base was pork. It was SO good. Apparently, the noodles were kinda skinny, but they tasted fine. I got extra menma, which is bamboo shoots. I was really surprised, but the pork chunks were pretty sweet. They were so tender too … I’m hungry again now. Anyway, it was a very good first experience of real ramen. Now to find dango-ya.

So many mosquitos!!


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