Japan: Day 7

So I planned on having a nice quiet day today, but when the family got up, they were like, “Oh, we’re going to Minka-en.” Nothing like “surprise, we’re going out today” to throw you into a flurry of activity. Who know ponytails were such an easy last-minute hairstyle?

We rode the bus to Minka-en, and I really enjoyed the scenery. I forgot how much I liked the trees in Japan. And it was all so green. I don’t know why it’s different here, but it made me really happy.

Had a really interesting discussion with the boys about American dating vs. Japanese dating while we were riding the bus. I guess in Japan, women are a lot more likely to marry for stability than they are in America. It’s more of a social contract. I mean, love would be nice, but it’s necessarily required. I don’t know if that’s sad or smart.

Oh, but Minka-en. It’s this outdoor museum of old Japanese houses. I think all of them are at least partially original. Some of the stuff, like the two-foot thick thatched roofs have to be replaced once a year or something, I think the tour guide said. He was talking to someone really fluent, so I didn’t catch everything. Speaking of which, my Japanese is a lot better than I was expecting. Watching so much Japanese stuff with English subtitles helped a lot, so I understand a lot more than I did when I used to live here. That’s been really nice.

It was so hot today.


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