Japan: Day 6

Today, we went to Motomachi. I think. I’m not sure how much of it was Motomachi. We got off the train at Sakuragichou and went to a really tall mall. Went to see the Shounen Jump shop, a Ghibli Studio store, and a Pokémon store. They had so much cool stuff. I really wanted to buy the Nekobasu figurine from My Neighbor Totoro, or an actual volume of One Piece, but I controlled myself. Took pictures instead.

We ate lunch in Yokohama Chinatown. Chinese buffet in Japan is so different from Chinese buffet in America. It was all stir-fry and flavor and yum. America is like fried and greasy. I ate pig ears because I couldn’t read the sign and I was told afterward what they were. They weren’t too bad. Really crunchy.

We walked around Chinatown, and then up to a lookout point to look over the harbor. It was really overcast , but we took a lot of pictures anyway. We also got to see Gaijinbocchi, which is the cemetery of foreign generals or something like that. It was a Western cemetery built into the side of a pretty sizable hill, and you look down from the gate. That was really interesting.

We then took the bus down to Sakuragichou. It was almost three by then, so we went home and laid low for the rest of the day. Studied Japanese for a couple hours, derped around Tumblr, watched Dan Howell archives on YouNow … We had yakiniku for dinner, and I went to bed pretty much right after that. So yeah, it was a good day.

Oh, and from now on, I’m going to laugh every time I see anything orange.


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