Japan: Day 4

I’m in Japan, and the first thing I do today is go to 7-11. The boys of the house were talking about food at breakfast, and then they were like, “I’m craving this, this, and this,” and we ended up walking down the street for second breakfast. I got karepan, which is a fried roll with curry in the middle. It was so good. I’ve been saying for the last couple months that karepan is the first thing I would eat when I got here, so there you go.

We walked a couple train stations down too. We went to an electronics store called Kojima for a laptop adapter. Then we walked down to where I went on Thursday. We dropped by a game center to play Street Fighter, and then by Za Daiso (100 yen store). We ate lunch at a place called Katsuya, which is a fast food pork cutlet place. We all had katsudon, which is like my favorite food in the whole world. And it was SO good, seriously. Spoiled for life, man. Life.


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