Japan: Day 2

Took two planes, a bus, and a train to get to the house I’m staying at right now. But it was worth it. We went out today and walked around a minor station in Tokyo. Accidently walked into like four pachinko parlors looking for a game center (Japanese for arcade). We walked down a really cute river too. There was a fountain at the other end, so we went to see it. It was like glass in a bowl, flowing over the edges. It was actually not a fountain, but it was really pretty. There were a bunch of cherry blossom trees around it, so I think March would have been absolutely gorgeous.

If I don’t get crazy over all the food, I’m probably gonna lose a ton of weight from all the walking we’re doing. We probably walked a total of two and a half hours today. I need to get something to put inside my Converse though because I got blisters. I had takoyaki and gyoza for lunch. We ate in a mall food court. The mall had like seven stories. I discovered a stationary store today called Itoya, and Yellow Submarine is awesome too. I really wanted to buy a Luffy keychain, but I controlled myself. I got a couple things at The Daiso (100 yen store) though.

It’s weird being stared at again. I guess I was really used to it when I lived here before. On the other hand, we were wandering down a residential street. Haha, gaijin.

Probably gonna fall asleep pretty soon. Must fight it … for as long … as possible!


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