Summer of Storms

In the spirit of Summer of Storms (as per my Instagram), I thought I would share this entry from my day book. This is from February 7 this year, when I had just arrived back at school in Pensacola. It’s labeled “Florida is schizophrenic.”

Today when I got up to go to work, it was still dark because of the cloud cover. The clouds were piled up on each other, black and foreboding. The rain was light enough that even the slightest breeze threw the water upward. Sunrise was obscured, but when I got off work an hour later, the rain had mostly stopped.

It’s almost three now. The ground isn’t even wet. There’s still a breeze, but the clouds are almost completely gone. Just a few of them are on the horizon, fluffy and blue. The sun is happy today too. It isn’t cold, white sunshine. It’s warm, golden, “let’s go roll in the grass” sunshine.

I’m pretty sure that I went to class right after this, and it started pouring down buckets while I was there.

I feel like I’ve been complaining about the weather a lot more than usual this year. Maybe I’ve just been going outside more. But I have to say that my favorite season is probably winter. (I love fall too because I know it will only be getting colder, but I live in a pine grove, so fall isn’t very pretty at my house.) I like spring because everything is coming back to life and there’s colors again, but all season long, I know in the back of my mind that it’s only going to get hotter.

I don’t like summer. Summer makes me super grouchy because I hate being hot. I just figured this out this year. I usually stay inside where the aircon is, and if I leave it, I will be ready to rip your throat out inside an hour, sure bet. Which worries me, because I’m going to Japan in two weeks, and they’re not having a rainy season this year, so it’s going to be super hot and muggy and July is the hottest part of the summer anyway– Oh, wait, it’s windy everywhere in Japan. Hopefully that will cool things off a bit.

But yeah! I’m going back to Japan. I don’t know if I’ll have wifi there, but I’ll be keeping very thorough records so that I can post things when I get back. There will be a LOT of pictures. Speaking of which, I need to remember my external hard drive. I get to break in my new almost-SLR camera and my Converse One Stars at the same time. Super excited.



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2 responses to “Summer of Storms

  1. daydreamer254

    Have fun in Japan!!


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