Thanks, Google.

I started shooting a short film today. Just to see what it would be like. Because recently I’ve become obsessed with YouTubers. I mean, I’ve slowly been realizing how awesome YouTube can be for a while now. I’ve been watching people like MysterGuitarMan and Paint for a few months, but this is different. I would like to point out that it all started because I wanted to recreate the molten lava cake from Chili’s. (It’s chocolate heaven.)

In looking up the chocolate cake, I discovered SortedFood. So I got obsessed and watched all their videos because I loved their accents. Okay, yeah. I’m an American girl. I like accents. Anyway, through Sorted, I discovered Charlieissocoollike and Jacksgap. Through Jacksgap, I discovered (among others) Danisnotonfire.

These people inspired me.

Unfortunately, after spending a couple hours shooting the opening of my “short film,” I discovered that Windows Movie Maker does not render .MOD files. So I spent an hour on Google trying to figure out what free programs I could use to convert them. Five programs later, I discovered a video that I had actually seen sometime last year, and discovered that the solution takes two seconds: rename the file extension.

I hate when I spend a long time trying to find out something and then realize I should have known the answer all along. But that’s okay. First minute of my short film is complete. I’m excited.



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2 responses to “Thanks, Google.

  1. bouts of lunacy

    I love love love jacksgap. And danisnotonfire. 🙂
    I’m so lazy and youtube has made me even more lazy.


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