K is for Keilana

I just finished reading the complete Harry Potter series last fall. Until then, I had only read through the Order of the Phoenix. I had heard (and now know for sure) that reading Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows severely cuts down on the possibilities for my favorite part of the Harry Potter fandom: fanfiction.

Because I’m traveling this summer, I can’t start looking for a job until this fall. So, less than a month into my post-college life, I’m bored bored bored. Bored enough to go back and start reading my own stories. Specifically, I started reading my own Harry Potter fanfiction. My story K is for Keilana is 80K words, so it’s in the novel classification, and I hadn’t read any of it in four years. As I read it, I realized I’ve never actually read the whole thing through before, and things kept happening that surprised me.

Is that pathetic? To be surprised by your own writing?

Anyway, hoping to post some new fanfiction over there sometime soon, and also to modify K is for Keilana to be a non-Harry Potter story. Because there were some things in there that I’m really interested in writing about properly.



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3 responses to “K is for Keilana

  1. I’m always surprised by my own writing … at first that surprised me (redundant) but now I’ve come to expect it.


  2. Thats a really long FF!


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