“Our church doesn’t support interracial marriages”

As the daughter of a biracial marriage, I’ve never really understood this. I guess I skate by because I’m white and Asian. Loads of people brought back exotic wives from Vietnam or the Philippines or from any number of other places they were stationed. Being half Asian has been normalized. I’ve never experienced the kind of aggressions that follow other interracial mixes. Modern science continues to find proofs that a black human has (brace for it) the same DNA components as a white human. So does every race, ethnicity, and nationality of person. We are all people. I haven’t been discriminated against or attacked, but I’m still eager for the day when everyone comprehends that no soul is greater than another.


“Our church doesn’t support interracial marriages, therefore we cannot support your work.”

We received this response from a pastor earlier this week when I asked him if we could have the opportunity of sharing our ministry to Australia with the church congregation. The sad thing is, it’s not the first time we’ve heard this response. It prompted the question in me “why do churches believe interracial marriages are not biblical?”

So, is interracial marriage a sin? The short answer is “No,” but don’t take my word for it. Let’s look at what the Bible has to say.

Verses about interracial marriage

First, let’s look at Bible verses that talk specifically about two people marrying who are of different color skin.

All right, now that we’ve looked at those verses…”Wait, wait a minute” you say, “you didn’t list any verses.” That’s because there are none. Zip, nothing, nada, zilch…

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Imagine if you volunteered to be on the first interplanetary voyage

Imagine if you volunteered to be on the first interplanetary voyage.

It’s going to take a couple centuries to get there, of course. You’ll never see your family and friends again. You tell everyone goodbye and you climb into your cryogenic chamber to wait.

You don’t wake up until your ship arrives at the new earth. You and your crewmates gather excitedly around the portholes. A whole new planet no one has seen before. You look out at the blue of water and green of land, home to animals and plants no one has ever seen before.


You arrive to a bustling metropolis.

Not an alien metropolis. A certified 100% human metropolis here on this new earth.

And you find out that during your voyage NASA discovered wormholes and people have been traveling back and forth to this planet for a whole century now, awaiting your arrival.

Can you imagine what that would feel like?

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I Want to Be an Anthropologist

That might just be the most INFJ thing I’ve ever said.

The creators of BBC’s Sherlock have said that their Sherlock is so different because they were looking at the canon and seeing how Sherlock Holmes is a man ahead of his times. Other Sherlock adaptations weren’t like that. They were all trapped in an era far gone, in a world where scientists believed that cells were blobs of protoplasm. And that’s just not fair to Sherlock, because Sherlock is on the cutting edge of science. Continue reading

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A Particular Road

Maybe it’s just me. My last post was about having emotions attached to songs. Now I’m going to talk about having them attached to roads. ROADS. Who has emotions attached to roads?

Me, apparently.

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Anything Hurts Less Than Quiet

In 2013, I had just discovered Dan and Phil. I watched all their videos and all their YouNows and I aggressively carved out my Sunday afternoons to listen to their BBC Radio 1 broadcast. That was the last time I really added a diverse set of music to my library. That was when I first heard Fall Out Boy, Owl City, The Vamps. That was the summer I discovered Attracting Flies, Burn, Get Lucky, Wake Me Up, I Need Your Love, Counting Stars. Continue reading

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Speak of the Devil

…and he appears. Right?

I have an unfortunate tendency to pretend that things I don’t like are not happening. As an empath, I take everything to heart. It’s easy for me to become depressed or anxious about things that I can do nothing about. That’s the part that kills me, really. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could help. But in the grand scheme of things, what can I do about human trafficking? What can I do about nearly half a million children who are in the American foster care system? Or about AIDS in Africa? Continue reading

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Something Had to Slide

For a long time, I was very lonely. For most of my life, really. I grew up in the ura-omote culture of Japan: the person you are, and the person you are to everyone else. No one comes inside that wall. You know how gender is built into the English language? The separation of private personality vs. public perception is built into Japanese. In Japanese, there is an equivalent of Mr. or Mrs. etc for everyone, even people your own age. Close friends will call each other by first name, but usually still with an honorific. Yobisute (referring to someone without an honorific) is almost exclusively reserved for your significant other. Continue reading

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